Naylor, Doug


Last Human


One for the (Red Dwarf) fans – although you might enjoy it more if you’re less aware of the rehashing of some old ideas: instead of brain implants allowing fantasy fulfillment (‘Better than Life’), we have a ‘symbi-morph’ that taps into your brain and will metamorphosise into whatever you desire, and a cyberjail where inmates are fed negative fantasies. Naylor can be a little more sexual and violent than the TV allows, and actually could probably write something darker – the thriller underplot and action is more important than in other comic novels (such as Pratchett or Adams would write). Some nice ideas playing with Kryten’s realisation that being human isn’t to be so eagerly desired. I enjoyed the last third more than the first two – probably just the mood I was in: make sure you’re in the right mood…


March 2003