NATION, Terry & HOYLE, Trevor  

 B-       Blake’s 7   1977     SF

Awful cashing-in novelisation of TV show (at times bad enough to be good)


NAYLOR, Doug    

 B        Last Human (Red Dwarf series)      1995     Humour/SF

OK if you’re in the right (undemanding) mood


Irène Némirovsky     

 B+      Suite Française     2004 (trans. 2006)   Novel

Established Jewish novelist sets and writes a story in Vichy France. Extraordinarily poignant.


NIVEN, Larry   

 B+      What Good is a Glass Dagger?     1972     Fantasy/Short Story

(in ‘The Flight of the Horse’)

Great little mix of fantasy, action and humour


 B        The Flight of the Horse     1974     SF/Fantasy/Short Stories

Pretty average pulp apart from the enjoyable ‘Glass Dagger’


 D        Fallen Angels        2000     SF

Some novel ideas, but woeful characters and motivation