Walter Mosely


RL’s Dream


I don’t know that I’ve read anything like this before – the guy has his own very readable style. It starts a bit like the movie ‘Paris, Texas’, where you suddenly are in the middle of seemingly unbelievable people in extreme circumstances, and then over time you realise how credible they are.


I don’t know how ‘real’ these characters are – everything is always life or death, intense pain and/or emotional climax: is it that Mosley’s skipping the bits where ‘nothing much happened that afternoon’, or is he suggesting that this sort of overwhelming life is actually happening constantly? At times it feels like a ‘Pulp Fiction’ style sensory overload fantasy, at others a ‘serious’ character novel.


The issues they’re facing are not mine, but the stories and characters are engaging (and confronting), and well told. There’s some background thriller/suspense – well done too – but this is a million miles from a formula paperback.


February 2003