Walter Mosely


Fear of the Dark

(Fearless Jones Series)


So refreshing to be able to just relax into a novel. It’s not workmanlike effort to present ideas, characters, story – although these are all there and strong. There’s pleasure all the way through in the words themselves: not quite to the sublime degree of ‘The Long Goodbye’, but you could take away the plot and just dip in enjoy the episodes for themselves. Sometimes I think the idea of writers with this special gift, some mystical quality that lifts them above the pack, is an industry construct – but then you read a book like this and it leaves so many in the shade for pure style.


It’s odd, in a way, that this Australian white bloke can enjoy a story so centred on black culture and experience. I mean, I love jazz, but I suspect a major 7 moving to a minor 6 transcends culture in a way that many 50s LA interactions don’t. Then again, I didn’t feel any closer to the events of Paris’ story than I do to one of Marlowe’s. Moreover