Spike Milligan & Jack Hobbs


William McGonagall meets George Gershwin:

A Scottish Fantasy


Stream of consciousness goonery, utterly unedited, not even the vaguest attempt at a plot. In the introduction Milligan describes it as,

… the first freeform comic fantasy in which the subconscious mind is the author


He describes the process of writing, introducing his co-author as

friend, pianist and fellow manic depressive. We decided that whenever either of us was on a down we would write ‘something’ in book form. The result was this book.


As a result it’s totally hit and miss – and the pleasure is also largely dependent on the mood of the reader: I found some parts hilarious and others merely confused, but I suspect if I read it again I’d have the same reactions to different parts of the text. Definitely only to be read, as it was written, in small portions (I don’t think Spike would be at all offended to find I chose to read it in the smallest room in the house).


June 2003