Spike Milligan


Adolf Hitler – My Part in His Downfall


This is the first of Milligan’s four WW2 autobiographies, from his call up in June of 1940 to him disembarking for action in Algiers in January 1943. A far cry from Remarque’s bleak and horrifying All Quiet on the Western Front, Spike recalls with great fondness the early part of the war – think far more something like a football team or band on tour. This is just training, and whole bunch of young men without much to do given a second chance to muck up at school. Getting drunk, laid, and just farting about – at times literally: get a group of blokes together and, really, is there anything more funny?


I didn’t laugh at much at it this second time around, but I remember being constantly in hysterics when I first read the series in a few nights back in ’85. But Spike can still be trusted for at least a few laugh out loud moments – more if you’re in the right mood.


September 2004

2nd reading

(Originally 1985)