Dan McGirt


Royal Chaos


I read over half of this book, and that was really being a bit generous.


This may have got a ‘B’ if I’d been 14 when I reviewed it. A comedy read with only two techniques: set up a standard fantasy scene/creature, and have the heroes make Hollywood teen/child-style smart-alec comments; or make self-referential comments like, “We can’t be killed now - it’s too early in the plot.” Very hip? No, but it might be to someone who’d never heard it done before, or who’d never actually enjoyed bathetic dialogue and substantial characters simultaneously.


Every joke is spelt out clearly and laboured, such as a scene where someone observes that the two fighting knights might be shamming a bit. OK if he had’ve left it at a reply, “Shh, the people in this kingdom hate it if you suggest that,” and trusted us to smirk quietly, but he had to go on to say, “Just like professional wrestling.”


Thanks for clearing that up for us.


January 2002