Richard A. Knaak


The Legend of Huma

(Heroes – Volume 1)


A ‘DragonLance’ publication. I’ve never read one before, sort of grouping it in with series like ‘Babysitters’ Club’. And, sure, it’s entirely genre driven - we start with the clichés: dragons, knights, wizards - it’s the opposite to someone having an idea and deciding to set it in a certain genre for some reason. Moreover, as a branch of TSR (the D & D company), it’s chock full of a menagerie of mythical beasts (think Pokémon and trading cards), and unfolds like a D & D campaign - you could imagine people counting up their hit points against a dreadwolf or a minataur.


Characters are utterly two dimensional, but I suppose that’s OK, because stereotype is deliberate (stone me if that young maidservant/princess/sorceress isn’t gorgeous - and here’s a sketch picture - I kid you not). The book is driven by action and novelty, and the desire to feed a certain market. And as such, I suppose it does pretty well; it’s never trying to be a great book. There’s nothing really awful to make you put the book down (though nothing to make you compulsively turn the pages either). Probably excellent for young teens.


May 2002