KAFKA, Franz  

 B         The Trial    1925     Novel

Dim on why I kept it – pleasure or pretension?


KAY, Guy Gavriel

 B         Tigana       1990     Fantasy

Coherent world, OK plot, but cliché characters, windy exposition and sentimental adolescent perspective


KEILLOR, Garrison     

 B+       Lake Wobegon Days    1985     Short Stories/Historical Fiction/Humour

Nostalgic, languid, imaginative, warm, whimsical, indulgently tangental


 B-        Leaving Home  1987     Short Stories/Humour

Didn’t work for me this time – maybe just my mood?


 A-        We Are Still Married    1989     Humour/Short Stories (Essays)

Inconsistent but often manages warmth & whimsicality without sentimentality


 B-        The Book of Guys 1993     Short Stories/Humour

Improvisations around an indulgent theme: occasionally inspired technique but ultimately childish perspective


 A-        Wobegon Boy 1997     Novel

Slow moving but warmly funny, and even some kick



 B         The Playmaker      1987     Historical Fiction

Time and setting overwhelm characters


KERR, Katharine   

 A-        Daggerspell (Volume 1 of the Deverry series)   1986     Fantasy

Original, capable karmic fantasy


 B+       Darkspell (Volume 2 of the Deverry series)       1987 (Revised 1994)    Fantasy

Still coherent, and some nice moments


 B         Dawnspell: The Bristling Wood (Volume 3 of the Deverry series) 1989     Fantasy

Still nothing wrong, but without the novelty not as compelling


 B         Dragonspell (Volume 4 of the Deverry series)   1991     Fantasy

OK plot and climax, poor romance, too many superswordspeople


KRESS, Nancy

 B+       Crossfire    2003     SF

Old school SF without the wafer thin characters


KING, Steven          

 B-        The Gunslinger     1982/2003(Revised)            SF/Fantasy

Impressive façade


KIPLING, Rudyard

 B         Many Inventions    1893     Short Stories

Can’t remember specifics


 A-        The Jungle Book   1894     Juvenile/Short Stories

Entertaining, skilful, moving. Profound underlying myth


 A-        The Second Jungle Book 1895     Juvenile/Short Stories

Sequel atypically as good as original – ‘Undertakers’ brilliant


 B         Captains Courageous        1897     Juvenile

Ripping yarn of a teen in an ocean fishing vessel


 B+       Short Stories: Volume 1    1901-1912 Short Stories

Pretty consistent


 B         Traffics and Discoveries   1904     Short Stories

Can’t remember specifics


 B         Puck of Pook’s Hill       1906     Juvenile/Short Stories

Glimpses of English historical figures


 B         Rewards and Fairies    1910     Juvenile/Short Stories

Sequel to ‘Puck of Pook’s Hill


KNAAK, Richard A.     

 B         The Legend of Huma   1988     Fantasy/Juvenile

Deliberate cliché fantasy. Not awful


KUNDERA, Milan          

 B         The Joke   1967     Novel

He’s good but it’s been too long for me to remember why


 B         The Farewell Party      1976 Novel

He’s good but it’s been too long for me to remember why


 B         Ignorance 2003     Novel

Insight or projection?