JAMES, Clive

B †††††† Unreliable Memoirs †† 1980 ††††† Autobiography

Very readable style, includes some discomforting seedy juvenile recollections


C- ††††† Snakecharmers in Texas†††† 1980-88††††† Essays

Limited audience pieces (with a use-by)


JAMES, Henry

B †††††† An International Episode†††††††††† 1878 ††††† Novella

Fascinating though less entertaining more modern foil to Lizzy Bennett


B †††††† Daisy Miller: A Study†††††††††† 1878 ††††† Short Story

James musing on the changing female role in his time


B †††††† The Bostonians††††† 1886 ††††† Novel

I must have liked it to have kept it but I canít remember why - time for a reread


JORDAN, Robert

B †††††† The Eye of the World (Book 1 of The Wheel of Time) ††††† 1990 ††† Fantasy

OK standard ride for a while, a bit tedious towards the finish


B- ††††† The Great Hunt (Book 2 of The Wheel of Time) ††††† 1990 ††† Fantasy

Odd sequel (the baddie executed in Book 1 inexplicably reappears)


JOYCE, Rachel ††††

B †††††† The Unlikely Pigrimage of Harold Fry ††††† 2012†††† Novel

Endearing, poignant aspects unravel in the last third