Harry Harrison


Queen Victoria’s Revenge


Very pulp follow-up to ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ – something I haven’t read but I assume must have sold a few copies to inspire this sequel. Switch off your brain and step on board for a rather silly full on action ride. The baddies are more comical than dark and sinister, and the hero moderately urbane but hardly James Bond (or slippery Jim Di Griz). Somehow our art connoisseur North American Indian (?) has fallen into a job as an FBI agent, despite having no particular martial skills or aptitude. Otherwise it is pretty affable Ian Fleming stuff, with occasional babes and baddies to carry us along. I enjoyed it for a while although by the end it all felt a bit pointless. I prefer Harrison’s pleasant enough style when he’s not even giving the vaguest semblance of credibility.


May 2005