Peter Goldsworthy




As ever very well written, authentic characters and settings, solid plot line, interesting ideas. Goldsworthy’s very good – do yourself a big favour (particularly if you’re Australian, or want to know what it feels like) and read Maestro, K.I.S.S. or Little Deaths.


However, I’ll only recommend this one if you tear out the last two ‘books’ of the four that make up the novel. Ultimately the theme is deeply offensive.


It must be mighty frustrating for the deaf community to not be able to recommend such an otherwise palatable and sympathetic introduction to their language. The first book persuasively demonstrates that the deaf are not to be dismissed and pitied because they can’t hear spoken English; rather the hearing miss out on the often superior means of expression a visually kinetic language offers.


Don’t read this spoiler ridden fuller review if you’re going to read the book anyway.