A-       Stardust    1999    Fantasy

Very satisfying mix of fairy tale and fantasy


 B+      American Gods    2001    Fantasy

Narrative strengths overcome plot weaknesses


and Sarrantonio, Al (Editors) 

 B-       Stories      2010    Short Stories

Too similarly dark collection


GALLICO, Paul    

 B-       Scruffy      1962    Humour

Light British comedy around an ape in Gibraltar


 B        The Boy Who Invented the Bubble Gun       1974    Novel (Adolescent)

Dated but OK. Troubled teen overcomes angst amidst silly spy shenanigans



 B        Hopscotch      1975    Action / Spy




 C-      The Vesuvius Club    2004    Historical Fiction/Humour

Farcical Moore-type Bond characters and plot; obscenity overdressed in big words



 B+      Legend (Drenai Tales, Book 1)     1984    Fantasy

Cliché settings, stereotype mythical fighters and damsels, but he does it so well!


 B+      Quest for Lost Heroes (Drenai Tales, Book 4)     1990    Fantasy

Another solid effort


 B+      Druss the Legend (Drenai Tales, Book 6)      1993    Fantasy

Yep, he’s a Conan-style, dead-set legend


 B        Morningstar    1993    Fantasy

Crosses the line – too sentimental, some too typical fantasy plot/character annoyances


 A- The Legend of Deathwalker (Drenai Tales, Book 7) 1996    Fantasy

Solid, perfectly balanced heroic fantasy


 B        Wolf in Shadow    1996    Fantasy/SF

Too close to Stephen King's 'The Gunslinger'


  A       Midnight Falcon (Rigante Series, Book 2)     1999    Fantasy

Thoroughly enjoyable, legendary characters with flesh, intelligent ideas, engaging morality, coherent plot


GIBSON, William  

 B+      Neuromancer  1984    SF

Groundbreaking cyberpunk, wild ride, ultimately shallow characters



 C-      The Color of Law 2005    Novel/Crime

Definitive stereotype, appallingly myopic



  A       Maestro     1989    Novel

Elegant, succinct, authentic


 B+      Little Deaths   1993    Short Stories

Consistent, well-written, affecting


 B+/ F  Wish    1995    Novel

As ever well written but ultimately a deeply offensive theme


 B        KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)     1996    Novel

Authentic Australians, but a pretty bleak episode


 F        Three Dog Night   2003    Novel

Goldsworthy has jumped the shark


GOODKIND, Terry     

 C-      Wizard's First Rule    1994    Fantasy

Sloppy. Gratuitous. Self-contradictory. Lazy


GRAFTON, Sue    

 B        C is for Corpse     1986    Crime

Down the line, capable


GREENBERG, Martin H. (Ed.)

 B        The Giant Book of Science Fiction Stories  1986    SF/Short Stories

101 1950s-70s magazine SF stories


GRENVILLE, Kate     

 B        The Idea of Perfection           1999    Novel

Authentic outback setting and characters, stuttering romance of unromantic figures – but too gentle for me


GRIFFIN, William 

 B+      C.S. Lewis - The Authentic Voice           1986    Biography

Interesting vignettes from all the years of Lewis’ life from age twenty-seven


GRIMES, Martha  

 C        The Horse You Came In On   1993    Crime

Embarrassingly insecure/arrogant. Self-indulgent



 B        The Chamber 1994    Novel/Legal Thriller

Original plot, interesting as legal/family documentary, flawed thematically


 B        The Partner    1997    Crime/Legal Thriller

Clever and well-paced heist story, really dumb final twist


 B        The Testament     1997    Novel/Legal

Enough to keep you turning pages, but some weaknesses of plot and glib US orthodoxy


GUEDJ, Denis

 B- The Parrot’s Theorem                 Novel

Not quite successful attempt to integrate maths history and theory into an engaging teen novel 


GUNDRY, Stanley (Ed.)

 B        Five Views on Sanctification 1987    NF: Theology

Able, clear, but not lifechanging