Steve Farrar


Point Man


This is a summary of a Rambling Fuller Review.


Some helpful practical tips on things like prayer, but you have to get past some awful drivel to get there. In the attempt to convince the fathers he’s aiming at that they should invest more time and love on their kids (not a bad thing itself), he makes ridiculous and offensive dismissals, such as: mothers as irrelevant to parenting; any family structure other than nuclear as having only existed in the last generation – dismissing entire continents and ages; and any generation apart from the present one as unimportant.


Like I say, you get past this and the macho allusions they’re dressed in, and there’s some OK advice. However there is also the pernicious subtext that, “Don’t worry if your son is greedy, materialistic and unGodly, just so long as he’s straight, gets and stays married, holds down a decent job, and doesn’t touch drugs, phew, you’ve won the war.”


Mid 1999