FARRAR, Steve    

 C        Point Man 1990     NF/Christian

Generally OK advice wrapped in offensive glossy & stupid theory


FEIST, Raymond E.  

 B+      Magician   1982     Fantasy

Enjoyable ride and D&D characters, some originality in mixing European and Japanese medieval type cultures


 C+      Flight of the Nighthawks   2004     Fantasy

Lazy, indulgent, formulaic


FEYNMAN, Richard (ed. Ralph Leighton)    

 A        Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman     1985     Non-Fiction - Biography

A total pleasure. Deservedly an instant classic


FFORDE, Jasper  

 B+      The Eyre Affair (Thursday Next, Book 1)   2001     SF/Humour/Crime

As good as, worse and better than Adams or Pratchett    


 B        Lost in a Good Book (Thursday Next, Book 2)            2002     SF/Humour

Funny, original, but poor plot and villains


 B-       The Well of Lost Plots (Thursday Next, Book 3)    2003     SF/Humour

Has Thursday Next jumped the shark?


 B+      The Big Over Easy      2005     SF/Humour/Crime

Another enjoyable excursion



 B        Luckybitch      2000     Short Story

(in ‘Speaking With the Angel’; Ed. Nick Hornby)

Ageing hedonist diva’s vacillating monologue


FIRTH, Colin    

 B        The Department of Nothing    2000     Short Story

(in ‘Speaking With the Angel’; Ed. Nick Hornby)

Charming mix of child/grandmother’s fantasy coping with everyday


FISHER, Carrie     

 C-       Delusions of Grandma      1994     Novel

Bad US sit-com gloss and introspective vacuity



 B-             Batavia      2012     Historical Fiction

A bit pointless: poor fictional elements impede the fascinating non-fictional ones



 B+      Throwim Way Leg       1998     NF – Biology/Anthropology

Interesting PNG treks: biology and anthropology



       C        Diamonds Are Forever      Action (Spy)

Occasional moments, but overall farcical, predictable, irritating, pedestrian


 B+      Casino Royale (Audio Book)         Action (Spy)

Well narrated, different composition to movies – more romance, less action, darker


FOER, Jonathan Safran

 B        Everything Is Illuminated       2002     Novel

Fails as much as it succeeds


FOLLETT, Ken     

 B        Whiteout    2004     Action

Follett’s superwoman biff and soap-opera romance



 B+      Poo Poo and the Dragons      1942     Juvenile

Enjoyed by parent and child simultaneously


FORSYTH, Frederick     

 A-       No comebacks      1982     Short Stories

Meticulous, able, satisfying


 B-       The Fourth Protocol   1984     Action (Spy)



FOWLER, Karen Joy

 B        The Jane Austen Book Club         2004     Novel

Capable, engaging character portraits


FREDRICKSON, Michael          

 B              A Defence for the Dead     2005     Crime

Solid effort, beyond cliché characters, never soars


FREE, David (OSHER, Mark)

 B        A Dancing Bear     2005     (Online) Novel

Clever but ultimately empty/ugly satire


FRY, Steven          

 B              The Liar     1991     Novel

Irritatingly constant seedy action undermines language drenched with wit


 B              The Hippopotamus     1994     Novel

Able characters, style, dialogue and plot. Definitively gratuitous immorality