Ben Elton




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Elton comprehensively condemns the Tarantino phenomenon: itís not art, itís nasty and exploitative, pornographic and promotes violence. But heís not just too old these days to get it: he writes chapters perfectly ripping off the style. It could have merely been a thinly veiled essay (and is at times), but in satirising, Elton has written a very decent thriller - ironically by introducing the very archetypical characters heís condemning.


Add to this his usual sharp comic stand-up perspectives, and youíve got a powerful read. It should date given its very specific pop-culture context, but it may even be good enough not to. This book is well put together, underpinned by a dry and incisive wit, has some very impressive satire, and makes some penetrating criticisms in an enormously enjoyable and compelling form.


December 2001