EDDINGS, David  

 B+      Pawn of Prophecy (Book One of the Belgariad)   1982    Fantasy

Oversimplified, definitively juvenile, pitch perfect for bookish young teens


 B+      Queen of Sorcery (Book Two of the Belgariad)          1982    Fantasy

Enjoyable adolescent fluff


 B        Magician’s Gambit (Book Three of the Belgariad)     1983? Fantasy

Some of the tricks are wearing a bit thin


 B        Castle of Wizardry (Book Four of the Belgariad)  1984    Fantasy

Series starting to irritate a bit now – very lazy writing (no editing), repetitive dialogue


 B- Enchanters’ End Game (Book Five of the Belgariad) 1984    Fantasy

The (yawn) climax. No suspense – every second goodie casually granted godlike powers


 B        The Diamond Throne (Book One of the Elenium) 1989    Fantasy

Satisfactory fare, no surprises


 B        The Ruby Knight (Book Two of the Elenium)  1990    Fantasy

OK, but I don’t recall ever bothering to finish the series



 B        After I was thrown into the river and before I drowned      2000    Short Story

(in ‘Speaking With the Angel’; Ed. Nick Hornby)

Dog’s enthusiastic new age perspective on life and afterlife


ELIOT, George

 B        Silas Marner   1861    Novel

Not as engaging as Middlemarch, but interesting plot turns, characters and themes


  A       Middlemarch        1881-2  Novel

Clever, insightful, original, potent, engaging  


ELTON, Ben    

 B+      Stark   1989    Humour

Consistently funny, unsubtle satire and environmental message


 B+      Gridlock    1991    Humour

Weird juxtaposition: thriller plot narrated by (good!) stand-up comedian


  A       Popcorn    1997    Action/Black Comedy

Clever, funny, incisive: works as a thriller and as satire


 B        Inconceivable       1991    Novel

Workmanlike realisation of a usable idea, engaging start and finish, but bogs down in cliché in the middle


 A-       The First Casualty            2005    Historical Fiction/Crime

Alternate political characters enhance rather than overwhelm WW1 crime story


 C        Blind Faith      2007    SF/Novel

1984 template to hypocritically vilify facebook and religion



ELWOOD, Roger 

 F        Angelwalk       1988    SF/Christian

Clumsy ignorant smug middle-American nominal bigotry