John Cleary


The Safe House


Average. Workmanlike, I suppose, but the people never become more than characters. Some are also laughable, such as the gratuitously voracious SS guys wife (shes with a Nazi: there must be something perverse about her). The plot runs on not one (which would be OK), but several pretty absurd co-incidences - the central one being a perfectly timed road accident. The hero falls for the heroine because shes a babe, but this is, of course, classed as a deep and abiding love. Maybe Im a bit jaded after years of TV, but the action sequences arent that gripping, and without humour, insight or personality to make up for it, well, its average.


Oh, by the way, it follows a group of ex-Concentration Camp Jews escaping post war immigration restrictions to get to Israel.


September 2002