Using Intel® WiDi
Press Home and then click Home_right on the bottom right side of the Home. You can start the Screen Share app.
  1. Start Intel® WiDi on the device you want to connect.
  2. Your TV will be displayed in the list of available devices.
  3. Select your TV to request a connection, and a message asking you to enter an 8-digit PIN will appear on the TV screen.
  4. Enter the PIN and select Connect.
  5. After the connection is established, the TV will display the screen of the connected device.
When connecting via Intel® WiDi, it is recommended that you place the device in close proximity with the TV.
Though Intel® WiDi can be connected without a wireless router, it is recommended that you connect the wireless router first for optimal performance.
It supports the connection over the Intel® WiDi 3.5 version.
It is recommended that you connect the device to a 5 GHz router because the performance may be affected by your wireless environment.
The response rate may vary depending on the user's environment.
For more information on the device you want to connect to, refer to its user guide.