Setting Current Time
HomeSettingsGeneralTime & Date
You can check or change the time while watching the TV.
Set Automatically
Automatically sets the time displayed on the TV screen to the time of the digital broadcast sent by the broadcasting company.
Time/Date/Time Zone
You can manually set the time and date if the automatically set current time is incorrect.
Setting Sleep Timer
HomeSettingsGeneralTimersSleep Timer
Sets the TV to turn off at a specified time.
If you want to disable Sleep Timer, select Off.
Automatically Turning the TV On or Off
HomeSettingsGeneralTimersTimer Power On/Timer Power Off
You can set the Power On/Off time for the TV.
Select Off if you are not going to set Timer Power On/Off.
To use Timer Power On/Timer Power Off, set the time correctly.
The TV will be turned off automatically if you do not press any buttons for 120 minutes even after the TV is turned on at the time set by Timer Power On.
To ensure the TV does not automatically turn off, set Timer Power Off to Off.(This feature is only available in certain countries.)