3D Image Configuration
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Various settings are available for watching 3D images.
3D MODE Select a genre for the content you are watching to watch in the desirable depth.
CUSTOMIZE You can watch the images of your preference by using the advanced settings for 3D image.
  • 3D Depth: Adjusts 3D depth between the object and the background.
  • 3D Viewpoint: Makes 3D images look closer to or further away from the user.
3D PATTERN RECOGNITION Automatically converts to 3D by analyzing the pattern of the original image.
NORMAL IMAGE VIEW You can watch 2D images without 3D effects.

You can correct the colours of 3D images.

This feature may not be supported by some models.
3D IMAGE CORRECTION Switches the left and right sides of a 3D image.
RESET Reset the 3D settings.
You cannot exit 3D mode while setting 3D options.