Setting a network - warning
Use a standard LAN cable (Cat5 or higher with RJ45 connector, 10 Base-T or 100 Base TX LAN port).
Resetting your modem can cause network connection problems. To resolve the problem, turn the power off, disconnect and reconnect, and then turn the power back on.
LG Electronics is not responsible for any network connection problems or any faults, malfunctions and errors caused by an network connection.
A network connection may not work properly depending on the Internet service provider.
A DSL modem is required for a DSL service; a cable modem is required for a cable service. Only a limited number of network connections may be available, and TV network setting may not be available depending on your contract with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). (If only one device is allowed per line and the PC is already connected, other devices cannot be used.)
Wireless networks can be subject to interference from other devices operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz (wireless phones, Bluetooth devices or microwave ovens). There may also be interference from devices with a frequency of 5 GHz, same as other Wi-Fi devices.
The surrounding wireless environment can cause the wireless network service to run slowly.
If you do not turn off the entire local home network, network traffic may occur on some devices.
For an AP connection, an access point device that supports wireless connection is required and the wireless connection feature must be enabled on the device. Contact your service provider regarding availability of wireless connection on your access point.
Check the SSID and security settings of the AP for AP connection. Refer to the appropriate documentation for SSID and security settings of the AP.
Invalid settings on network devices (wired/wireless line sharer, hub) can cause the TV to run slowly or not operate properly. Install the devices correctly according to the appropriate manual and set the network.
Connection method may differ according to the AP manufacturer.