To reset PIN Code
HomeSettingsSafetyReset PIN Code
Changes TV password.
The initial password is set as 「0000」.
To lock system
Permits only specific programs by blocking programmes or external input.
First of all, set Safety to On.
This function works when Live TV is ON.
Programme Locks
Blocks the programmes that contain inappropriate contents for children. The programmes can be selected but the screen is blank and the audio is muted.
To watch a locked programme, enter the password.
This function works when Safety is ON
This feature is available in certain countries only.
Blocks the movies that are only broadcasted on the TV and contain inappropriate contents.
TV Rating Locks
[Depending on coutry]
This function operates according to information from the broadcasting station. Therefore if the signal has incorrect information, this function does not operate.
Prevents children from watching certain adult’s TV programmes, according to the ratings limit set. Enter a password to watch a blocked programme. Rating differs by country.
Input Locks
Block the input sources.
Application Locks
Lock the Application.