What Is Live Playback (Real-time Playback)?
It is a function you can use to temporarily save the programme you are currently watching to a USB device, so you can play back any scenes you might miss while watching TV. This function allows you to continue watching from where you were previously if you go out for a while.
After connecting an external HDD, you have to set Live Playback mode to On to use the Live Playback function.
Press Home and then click Home_right on the bottom right side of the Home. After starting the Time Machine app, you can set the Live Playback
Select a device to be used with Live Playback when two or more HDDs are connected to the TV.
The USB flash drives cannot be used.
[The options may differ depending on the model.]
It can be used in analogue or digital broadcasting and in Input mode.
With the Live Playback function, you can play a programme back for up to two hours. This time may vary depending on your region.
The videos saved in Live Playback mode are deleted if you turn off the TV without recording them.
If there is not enough remaining space in the USB storage device, Live Playback may not work properly. To use Live Playback function, make sure to have free space of at least 20 GB in your USB storage device.
Using the Live Playback (Real-time Playback) Function
To wind the video you are watching back or forward, use the pointer to select a previous point than the current point on the progress bar.