Using the Various Recording Functions
With the LG Smart TV, you can use a variety of recording functions.
Using Instant Recording
  1. To record what you are watching immediately, press the Wheel (OK) button on the Magic Remote and press the Record button on the progress bar that appears.
  2. The Record button changes to the Stop Recording button when recording is in progress.
Because of the content protection technology used, the recorded video cannot be played on PCs or other TV models. Also, the video cannot be played if the TV's video circuit is replaced.
The duration of the recording can be set before the recording starts.
The recordable time may vary depending on the capacity of your USB storage device.
If multiple USB storage devices are connected, selected the last instant recorded storage device automatically.
[This feature is only available only in certain countries.]
If no USB storage device is connected, the recording is stored in the internal memory. Connect a USB device to save more recordings.
While recording, press the Wheel (OK) button to display information about the recording.
The Wheel (OK) button operation may vary depending on the country.
Do not remove the USB cable while recording.
If you force your TV to power off while recording, the recorded content may not be saved. Ideally, you should stop the recording and check that the programme has been recorded before turning the TV off.
To stop recording, click the Stop Recording button on the progress bar.
A notification message will appear if the programme information indicates that the series can be recorded. Select this option if you want to record the series.
Scheduling Recordings
This function is used to set the time and date for recording a specific programme. Press Home and then click Home_right on the bottom right side of the Launcher. You can schedule a recording by selecting TV Guide or the Time Machine app.
Schedule by Programme Manual Scheduling
[Applies to digital broadcasting.]
You can select a show to schedule it for watching or recording.
You can select the date, time and programme to watch or record the programmes.
When using the Time Machine app to schedule recordings, only the Manual Scheduling option is available. Select the TV Guide app to check the programme information and schedule a recording.
The length of the scheduled recording should be at least 2 minutes.
Recording a Series
[This feature is only available for certain models and countries.]
The series recording function can be used when there is applicable information on the series in the programme information display window. The series recording function is used to automatically record every episode of the programme that you choose.
If the programme information states that the programme is part of a series, you can set Series Recorded TV by using Instant Recording in the TV Guide while watching TV or while Scheduled Recording is in progress.
To play recorded series, select Time MachineSeries Recorded. Then you can view the recorded series.
Check your region and network condition to use these functions.
Using Watch & Record
[This feature is only available in certain models.]
This feature enables you to record a programme while watching another programme.
[Applies to digital broadcasting.]
This feature can be used even while watching content from an external device or while using a smart function.
You cannot watch and record analogue programmes simultaneously. You will be automatically switched to digital broadcasting if you change the programme while recording an analogue programme.
What to Remember when Recording:
Some functions may not be available while recording is in progress.
The options may differ depending on the model.
programmes connected to the Component and HDMI are not recorded when recording via Input.
Content recorded on an external HDD through the TV may not be played on a PC for security reasons.
The USB flash drives cannot be used.
If a USB device is faulty, the Time Machine function may not operate normally.
The USB device may not work or function properly when a USB hub or extension cable is used.
Since the storage device can be used for other purposes than Time Machine, recording may be stopped if the storage space available is not enough. It is recommended that you use a storage device with sufficient storage space.