Using the Universal Control
[This function only applies to the Magic Remote.]
[This feature is only available in certain countries.]
You can control devices such as your Set-Top Box, Blu-ray Player or Home Theatre.
  1. Check that a device you want to set is connected to your TV.
  2. After pressing the Screen Remote button on the Magic Remote, select the device you want to control in the Device Selection list.
    If you cannot find the devices you are looking for, go to HomeInputALL INPUTS. Click here to see the guidelines for Input.
  3. When you select a device in the Device Selection list, the Screen Remote will be changed to control the device.
    To see more control buttons, select Click to see more screen remote at the bottom of the Screen Remote.
Changing or Cancelling Universal Control Settings
Go to HomeInputALL INPUTS and select the device that you want. If you select SET UP UNIVERSAL CONTROL, you can set or disconnect the inputs.
When changing the settings, check that the device to be changed is turned on.
You can set one device per type.
With the Screen Remote, you can only control the devices of a brand or manufacturer that are listed in the Settings screen.
If you connect to a network before setting the Universal Control, the latest update for the supported manufacturer list becomes available.
Some buttons may not work depending on the model of the external device.
Place the device near the TV for seamless operation.
If the device is in a drawer, open the drawer.
The Universal Control may not work properly if you have already manually assigned programme numbers that differ from the original set-top box programme numbers.