What is Motion Recognition?
You can control the TV simply by gesturing for the camera.
You can use the Motion Recognition function to turn the TV off, change the programme and control the volume.
Motion Recognition is only a function for watching TV and it is not supported when using the smart menu, such as when connecting wireless devices, including TV apps or USB ports.
Image shown may differ from your TV.

Finger Gesture

Enabling Motion Recognition (Finger Gesture)
  1. Prepare the Smart TV camera for use. If your Smart TV is not equipped with a camera, install an LG video call camera. (For more information, please refer to the LG Smart TV installation manual or camera owner's manual.)
  2. The camera is activated 20 to 30 seconds after the TV is switched on.
  3. Check HomeSettingsGeneralMotion RecognitionMotion Recognition is set to On.
  4. Look at the camera and lift your hand near your face with your index finger straight and pointing up while watching TV. The motion recognition controller appears on the TV screen. (You can check the camera's motion recognition range in HomeSettingsGeneralMotion RecognitionADJUST CAMERA ANGLE.)

    Use Finger Gesture

  5. Move your hand left or right to select a function. Bend and then straighten your index finger to start the function.
Depending on the model or region, this may be set under the Voice & Gesture Commands menu.
Motion may not be detected in the following cases:
Motion will not be detected in the following cases:
With your hand curled up in a fist, bring the middle joint of your index finger close to the centre of your lips. This will execute the Mute command.
Motion recognition is activated only in the TV viewing mode and Input mode.
For devices connected through a USB port or a wireless connection, some features cannot be operated via Motion Recognition.
If multiple people attempt to perform motion recognition at the same time, only the first gesture is recognized. To switch hands when operating the controller, lower your first hand to clear the controller from the screen and then raise your second hand for motion recognition.
Be careful not to move your hand too fast or make a big motion. This may cause the camera to malfunction. Move your hand slowly near your face.
If Motion Recognition does not work properly, lower your hands and then raise them again.
If your index finger is bent at an angle, the camera may not recognize it, or may recognize it as a bent finger and perform a function.