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Articles and observations

Astrologers born with Sun in Aquarius  A survey of 2174 tropical astrologers who were listed in Astrodatabank Version 3.

Astrologers' birth locations  A "pixel map" showing the birth locations of 2000+ astrologers in Astrodatabank Version 3.

Astrodatabank - Year distribution of data  Graph showing the year distribution from 1800 to 1980 - to facilitate unbiased research due to the uneven distribution of birth data by year.

Astrodatabank - Birth minutes 1900 - 1940  Graph shows birth minutes anomaly in first 40 years from 1900.  AA & A rated data for 5767 charts. The majority of charts are for births on the hour and half hour.

Basketballerts Taurus -v- Virgo  A survey of basketballers showed that people were consistently more likely to take up basketball if they had Sun in Taurus, than Sun in Virgo.

Clock times of births for males & females in Astrodatabank  A survey that shows the distribution of hours of births for 2492 females and 6592 males (9084 people in all).  All "AA rated" data.

Comedians or TV Hosts with Mars in Gauquelin Sector 1  A survey of 547 Comedians or TV hosts had Mars in Gauquelin Sector 1 more often than would be expected by chance.

Cycle 79 years - 1 day - Sun, Mer, Mar  -- Image shows how Sun, Mercury and Mars return to same degrees every 79 years - 1 day. See pairs starting from top of the graphic -- (first date, then 79 years later etc).

Earthquakes near the massive tsunami in December, 2004 - See the huge number of quakes >= magnitude 5.0 on that day and the "calm before the storm" for all of those quakes.

Equalisation of Ascendants in research (similar latitudes)  Graph showing how childrens' inheritance of Ascendants can be checked quickly with an equalisation method in a program.  N.B. Because of the erratic distribution of rising signs at various latitudes, there is no point in looking for the inheritance of them unless the children and parents are from roughly the same latitude and hemisphere.

Example of a disappearing trend  A survey of Gauquelin Sportsmen data (2087 samples) that shows how a lot of data is sometimes needed, in case a trend is merely transitory. This result indicates that if 2 Gauquelin sectors are combined, then at least 2,000 samples might be needed before we could take much notice of any result. The same might apply to dividing the zodiac into 6 parts for any reason.

Geocentric & Heliocentric comparison - aspects  These two graphs show the distribution of Mars angular separations (aspects) for 405 events for one person. The geocentric aspects (Mars opposition Mars) are quite prominent, but the Heliocentric aspects are much weaker and it appearsthat the only reason they are bunched up at all is because that is where they fall when the geocentric aspects are counted. This observation appears to support astrology in general and geoecentric over heliocentric

Gauquelin Alcoholics Sun Libra - Gemini  Graph showing how people with Sun in Gemini in Gauquelin data scored much higher than Sun oin Libra for alcoholics in the data (1888 to 1938)

Heliocentric versus Geocentric aspects  Graph shows how aspects look from the Heliocentric and Geocentric point of view for the Texas executed murderers [Sun-Uranus] or [Earth-Uranus] aspects.

London Rising signs  A survey of 10,000 theoretical rising signs for London - showing the natural uneven distribution, with most on the Libra side and far less on the Aries side.

Long Life > 80 years, Moon in 7th house, Placidus  A survey of 692 people in Astrodatabank Version 3 who lived long a long life.

..... Sari's followup of Moon in the houses  A follow-up by Sari Metsovuori for 770 people in Astrodatabank - extra 78 people.

Married partners Sun/Moon MP opp Sun/Moon MP  A survey of 2606 couples showed that they had Su/Mo opp Su/Mo at 130% of the theoretical expected rate when using a 6 degree orb. The data came from Gauquelin family collection (after pairing them up).

Moon conjunct Mars of maternal grandmothers  Graph shows grandchildren had their Moon conjuct Mars of their maternal grandmothers at a much higher rate than would be expected by chance -- 3389 grandchildren in the survey.

Moon opposition Mothers Mars  Graph shows a survey of 7,400 children where children had their Moon opposite their Mother's Mars at a higher than expected rate.

Moon in Gauquelin Sector 10 for Astrologers  A survey of 2174 astrologers in Astrodatabank Version 3 shows how they had Moon in Sector 10 consistently more often than would be expected by chance for centuries. Psychologists scored similarly in the survey.

Moon in Taurus and their childrens' Moon signs  This graph shows the distribution of the childrens Moon signs

Moon phases and earthquakes  A survey of 56,531 earthquakes >= magnitude 5.0 from 1973 to 2008 that showed there was no relationship at all between moon phases and earthquakes in that period of 35 years.

Tran Saturn opp natal MC at infant deaths  A survey of 4638 infant deaths in The Gauquelin data showed that Saturn opp MC (orb 9 degs) was present at 114% of the theoretical rate.

Scientists with Moon in Pisces - A survey of scientists in the Gauquelin data indicated that people were far more likely to become scientsis if they had Moon in Pisces, than if they had Moon in Sagittarius.

Sun sign distribution  A survey to show the random distribution of 10,000 Sun signs. This graph shows how there would be a natural uneven distribution.

Sun - Mars natural distribution  A survey to show the natural distribution of angular separations between Sun & Mars. See how Mars is closer to the conjunction far more often than the opposition.

Sun - Mercury natural distribution  A survey to show the natural distribution of angular separations betweeen Sun & Mercury.

Sun - Venus natural distribution  A survey to show the natural distribution of angular separations between Sun & Venus. See from the graph how people would have Sun semi-square Venus far more often than any other aspect.

Venus opposite Mercury transits for childbirth  Graph shows in 7,400 data how children were born more often that expected when transiting Venus was opposite the mother's Mercury -- 120% the expected rate with a 7.5 degree orb.

Wedding date transits - women   Graph showing transiting Venus opp Sun/Ven MP for weddings for 2899 women over a 350 year period at a mimimum of 121% of the expected rate.

Lunatic Trader - Stockmarket  "Stock markets have a historic tendency of performing better from 3rd day after Full moon until 3rd day after new moon ('Green period'). Graph showing the performance from 1950 - 2009."   University of Michigan researchers have observed this lunar effect in the markets of 24 countries.  See their research paper: http://www.fep.up.pt/disciplinas/ce726/Lunar%20Cycles.pdf

WEBSITES of interest

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ASTRODATABANK - The company Astrodatabank has closed  Now at Astrodienst

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C.U.R.A. - Various languages. (This site has all of the Gauquelin data -- 145,228)  Main Page

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Data Files

TEXAS MURDERERS' BIRTH DATA  376 Birth data in Jigsaw format for Texas murderers who were executed. File can be translated into other astrology program formats. No birth times. Dallas, Noon used.

GAUQUELIN ARCHIVES - 145,228 DATA  At the C.U.R.A. website - the official home of the Gauquelin data.

DATAFILE HANDLING INFORMATION  Diagram that shows how datafiles for research can be used with different programs and systems. PDF file - 1 page only.

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