I have been overwhelmed by the responses I have received in relation to this site, many from people I've never met. Here are just a few of them...

(from the person that posted the pictures used in this tribute in a chat room I later visited)
Dear Beth,
Thanks again for the beautiful page... you truly have a gift! I was truly pleased that you were able to edit the Australian remembrance into the pictures; you were right, it is so moving to hear from all corners of the earth, especially when we have loved ones everywhere now via the internet.

I feel you should know that God was truly working to get your page together... I was at work on Tuesday, and we had no television access there. Instead, I was listening to the radio, and looking for information and pictures on the internet, when one of the nurses said that she'd seen some pics on Yahoo.. I went to that site, and they had about 36, then 75 pics up... every hour the number became greater. And they were, as you now know, stunning photos. I went to the chat room Friday night while I watched a replay of the memorial service at the National Cathedral in Washington. When I found it empty, I clicked over to the Yahoo site again, and every time I'd see a picture that moved me I posted it. No one ever came into the
room, and I was halfway wondering why I was doing this and if anyone would ever see these pictures that
I posted...

Of course God moves in ways we cannot plan, nor comprehend. Thanks for showing me that. It is a lesson that bears repeating!

I love how you web page is laid out ... you did an excellent job. I have sent it to quite a few people who do not 'chat.' And it helps me, as an American to feel globally supported right now. It is hard for most to express what is going on inside of them and pictures allow a venue for tears to flow .... thank you Beth. Thank you. Today was a new day ... one at a time, we will go forward and heal by Faith .... see you soon, i hope.

Oh, thank you my sweet friend for that great site and your great work to make it. You have hit on what is the truest way to peace, when we can move past the mind set of "us and them" there is no them, only us.

An absolutely astounding tribute. I had tears in my eyes through the entire display. God Bless you and all the world!

Thank you for your web site, I shed tears as I see others around the world share in the grief of this country.

I have forwarded it to hundreds of readers.

You have touched my heart.

thank you and may your God bless you

Talie, that is the most incredible tribute I have seen to date. Brought me to tears. TY for devoting such effort to help comfort all of us struggling to cope, not only in the USA, but, as so well spoken by you, worldwide. I am sorry I accidentally sent it back to
the list. Forwarded it to everyone in haste, after being so moved. My love to you all, and please, PEACE ON EARTH.

Dear Sir,
Your tribute to the victims of Tuesday's terrorist attacks was most moving and beautiful. Thank you for your tasteful memorial and sentiments. Your efforts to comfort will long be remembered.

Absoluitely beautiful...and so peaceful and healing. Thanks fro sharing...and I have fwd it to eveyone I can think of...around 50 people...at least...and I know they will forward as well.

Thanks for sending me the web site address. It was just beautiful. We can't understand it. We never will... no matter how much news coverage we watch or how much the US government searches for the perpetrators. These things are beyond us... but not beyond God.

Thank you so much for the site you created. You did a fine job. It will be sent all over from me. I understand about the over-abundance of news. When I was little it was the Watergate scandals. I wonder what my boys are thinking. Anyway, I was so glad when I got up Saturday morning to find Cartoons on! From Tuesday
morning until Saturday morning, there was nothing on except news. No exaggeration. No soap operas, no sit-coms, nothing. I did not have a problem with it until the media seemed to be grasping at straws looking for something to report. I felt a need to get back to some routine, to not focus entirely on something so stressfull. It did amaze and impress me how the media spoke of faith for the first time in decades. Spoke of God. Billy Graham delivered a salvation message not only on national television, but on world television. Wow! That would have never happened. So it wasn't all bad. but to the point, I know what you mean about so much on the news.

Absolutely one of the most moving tributes I've seen for our fallen comrades. Thank you......The pictures..... are so terribly poignant, and they the broad scope of this incredible show of support.

Thank you again.

This page is absolutely beautiful. Such a nice tribute you have made for the familys of this terrible disaster here in the United States. May God bless you and all the others in the world who show such heartwarming caring for others.
Della Mawk, Indiana, USA And I am so proud to be an American.

Thank you very much for that tribute that you have created for our country. As I personally had no loss of family or friend in the disaster, I have felt it through others. My best friend's brother had his office hit in the Pentagon but was fortunate to be on the other side of the building. An online friend has lost a cousin in the WTC and another friend's girlfriend had a son and nephew in the WTC. The nephew is still missing. As I contemplate the thousands of victims, I also think to myself, this did not hit just Americans as I would guess that there were others from various countries that have also lost their lives in this disaster, but yet no one has mentioned them. When I think of those I am in contact with who have felt it close to home, how many more like me have felt the same? This disaster does not extend just to the Americans, it touches people around the world. I pray for peace for all people! Technology has made this world a much smaller place. The majority of us have made wonderful friends in numerous countries, so our ties literally go overseas any more. One day, those ties will encompass all of mankind somehow, someway and we then just might truly know what world peace is. Again, thank you for the tribute...it truly was beautiful. May God be with you and your family,

Just wanted to tell you how beautiful your page is. It has had me in tears. Thank you for remembering those who were lost.
Thank you for this wonderfull tribute. It makes me realize there are no boundaries in something of this magnitude. It is not only Americans who were attacked, but all freedom loving peoples around the world, and only when the world unites to fight terrorism will we defeat terrorism.
I received your page from a friend of mine and I wanted to let you know that I think you have done a wonderful job and wanted to take the time to say Thank You for this beautiful page for everyone to view.. God Bless us all...
Beautiful site, thank you so much from an American. While I did not lose any loved ones in this, I know many who did. Very pretty, very touching, very thoughtful. One of the nicest I have seen made in memorial.

I was sent this page address by a dear email friend in Canada. I live in Elkton, Maryland, USA. I thank you for so beautiful a tribute to those who have suffered so much. What a loving, lovely reminder of the support, prayer, and sincere effort to "do something to help" experienced around our planet. I am grateful for compassionate people like you, who assist us in seeing gratitude and goodness in spite of the few who create evil and tragedy.
Your neighbor,

Thank you
Thank you for putting together such a beautiful tribute site, it is truly one of the best I have seen...

from someone still awaiting word regarding friends and family lost...

I lost no one in the terrible disaster, but yet I cry so many tears since it happened. I have a son in the Air Force, who is pretty certain he will have to go "help" fight when the time comes......but I will be ready for him to go, though very afraid for him. He is only 26 since yesterday, his birthday, one that I am sure he will never forget. I can't fathom the "WHY" of all this,

.....but thank you for your page. In some solemn way, it helps my heartache.

Thank you for the touching website. I will show this to my class in school tomorrow. We, here in America, thank you and all the nations for the unified support and respect for our group of "heaven's newest angels"

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