Hi, this is the home page of Roger Tagg, formerly of the University of South Australia, from which I retired in December 2009. This website is still in the early stages of construction.

What is planned for this website

I'm gradually making available, for anyone who is interested, some parts of the vast collection of useless(?) knowledge that I've gleaned over 70 years of life so far. To access what pages are available, just click one of the live links in the table below.


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FROLIO is my main retirement project. The idea is to develop an "ontology of relationships". In everyday speak, that means an exploration of all the ways in which "thing A" can be related to "thing B". These things could be people, animals, plants, objects, structures, substances, events, natural phenomena, states of affairs, plans ideas or even feelings.  The idea is to find a bit more structure so that we can sort out what some "utterance" that bombards our eyes and ears might actually mean. "Utterance" could be an item of news, a question, a wish, an advertisement, an attempt by someone to persuade us of something, or just a piece of conversation. To do this, I've started from Roget's Thesaurus, and applied the maxim of the Zen master Dogen, who said Things do not have a meaning in themselves, but only in relation to other things. I've also had to read a number of other books on philosophy, mainly about whether we can really say that we are certain about something, or that something is "real" or "true", or whether some things can be said to "cause" other things. You may guess that I'm a bit of a sceptic, but I'm also a pragmatist, since we have to get on with the life we are living and can't afford to analyse everything to the last detail.

"Provisional Scriptures of the Planet Gaia" is a draft e-book I have been working on in the latter part of 2013. It is a fictional account of how religion might have developed on a parallel Earth, without some of the accidents of history that have led to it becoming such a problem for so many people here today.

Assorted essay topics include: bullshit, philosophy, motivation, information science, religion and social matters. These are brief statements of my current (at the time I wrote) point of view. They are often ideas I've picked up from readings and conversations. Often, they help explain the lines I take in FROLIO. I have now moved my 2011 longer essay "What Did They Mean?" to this category. This addresses the problem of detecting 'meaning' in whatever we hear or read.

Highlights of books include ones I have read over the last few years on philosophy (including the branches of epistemology and ethics), religion, psychology, and - once again - bullshit.

Here are a few details on the other categories:

Web bookmarks topics include: accommodation, air travel, architecture, bullshit, buses and trams, directories, languages, life beyond the e-mailbox, maps, miscellaneous trivia,  philosophical and social, places to visit, railways, religion (Islam), religion (other), travelling in general, useful computing tools and working in groups.

I have started on a reading list - a draft of those relevant to FROLIO is on the FROLIO site, but other subjects I take an interest in haven't been included.

I have digitized a large number of photographs from my slides of various parts of the world - and from snapshots in family albums. I plan to put a selection of compressed slides on the website later.

I have a number of files of geographical trivia - probably of limited interest though. My brother Phil ( has put up part of our collection of  British A-road end-points. But this isn't a high priority, as other lists are available on the web already. Much the same goes for Journeys and Experiences - I have done quite a bit of travelling over the last 50 years. One thing I have collected is a lot of tickets and other (mainly paper) memorabilia.

Fire Island is a utopian mid-ocean island of my youthful imagination. It is thoroughly mapped and partially described. I treat it as a notional test-bed for some of my crazier ideas on how to solve all this world's problems.

As you can see, I'm fascinated by the phenomenon of bullshit - so much of what I read and hear seems to qualify. I am often trying to filter out what the intention behind the utterance is, reading between the lines and translating into "reel thorts" as Nigel Molesworth of "Down With Skool" put it. What I'd like to do is to create a sort of blog that can be added to as new classic phrases or tactics come to my notice or to other contributors.

Happy browsing!

This page last updated on 4th October 2013