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St Peters Anglican Church Seven Hills NSW
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Special Religious Education, also known as Scripture.
Pete and some friends teach Christian Scripture in a number of local primary schools. The link above provides some resource and topical links for Scripture Teachers.

Sermons from St Peters
Repository1 MediaFire
Repository 2 *NEW* Google Drive, searchable  as at  November 2014.
Both repositories are searchable Google Drive is more comprehensive.
A comprehensive audio library of sermons from Seven Hills Anglican Church dating back to 2007. Almost complete. If you have copy of a sermon not in this list please let me know.
Pete likes motorcycling and rides a BMW R1100 RT.
He's a member of the Ulysses Club. This is a club for older riders, originating in Australia. More info coming soon.
Pete's been a singer for a while. He's been the lead singer in the Gospelaires and the Sinners Teaparty, soloist in a couple of choirs and now sings regularly at retirement villages, weddings & funerals, and various church engagements. He's versatile and available for more, including compere work.
Stuff Pete finds Interesting
Politics, religion, engineering, commerce & psychology. More info coming soon.

Family is important. This will include mainly Photographs of Pete's kids, their kids and maybe even some history. Coming soon.
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