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And now for something completely different!! Another little project of mine.

I've been a fan of the Homeric epic poem since I was in primary school.
There are a great many translations into English and numberless retellings
but curiously not so many pieces of music inspired by the poem.
One of the most substantial is Max Bruch's large scale choral work, named, not surprisingly Odysseus.
There are also many operas, that tangentially reference the poem such as Gluck's Iphigenia and Paride ed Elena.
Mike Oldfield's long-time collaborator David Bedford released a studio album entitled The Odyssey in 1976
and more recently Craig Safran has released Sirens, a musical journey inspired by some of the events & characters.

I wanted something different. I wanted to see what might emerge from a diligent attempt
to render most of the characters and events from the poem in musical terms. This is the result. Tell me what you think..

Here is the Overture:

The Odyssey
Reflections and Improvisations

1. Overture

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