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And now for something completely different!! Another little project of mine.

I have been fascinated for a long time by Alfred Tennyson's poems about the legend of King Arthur.

Entitled Idylls Of The King, they are twelve long poems in blank verse describing the rise and fall of Camelot through episodes involving the key characters.

The poems are so beautiful and majestic and dramatic and sad and wistful and tragic that I have composed twelve 'tone poems' based on his creations.

Here are some excerpts:


1. The Coming Of Arthur (23:54)

2. Gareth and Lynette (19:14)

3. The Marriage Of Geraint (17:22)

4. Geraint and Enid (21:24)

5. Balin and Balan (18:16)

6. Merlin and Vivien (24:13)

7. Lancelot and Elaine (19:24)

8. The Holy Grail (19:07)

9. Pelleas and Ettarre (19:10)

10. The Last Tournament (22:22)

11. Guinevere (19:16)

12. The Passing Of Arthur (24:07)

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