06 April 1858 - 11 March 1939
Philipp Andreas Andrew Diflo

Julianna Lohr

06 April 1858
Westbrook, Queensland,

11 March 1939
Drayton, Queensland, Australia

Anton Diflo
Anne Diflo
Rosa Diflo
John Andrew Diflo

Peter Erbacher
m.20 May 1880
St Patrick's church, Toowoomba

Friedrich Erbacher
Peter Erbacher
Rose Erbacher
Elizabeth Erbacher
John Charles Erbacher
Annie Christina Erbacher
Mary Jane Erbacher
Johanna Jessie Erbacher
Julia Mary Erbacher
Lily Agnes Erbacher

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Mary Diflo was born on 06 April 1858 in Westbrook, Queensland as the second child of Philipp Andreas Andrew Diflo and Julianna Lohr. She had four siblings, namely: Anton, Anne, Rosa, and John Andrew.


When she was 21, Mary married Peter Erbacher, son of Friedrich Erbacher and Anna Margaretha Margaret Edinger, at St Patrick's church, Toowoomba on 20 May 1880. The service was performed by Rev. Father Dunne, who would later become Archbishop.


Peter Erbacher and Mary Diflo had the following children:


1. Friedrich Erbacher was born on 01 April 1881 in Queensland . He died on 19 October 1965 in Toowoomba, Queensland.


2. Peter John Erbacher was born on 24 June 1883 in Queensland. He married Elizabeth Theresa Kennedy in 1932 in Queensland. He died on 21 February 1965 in Drayton, Queensland.


3. Rose Erbacher was born on 15 June 1885 in Queensland. She died on 18 September 1958 in Brisbane, Queensland.


4. Elizabeth Erbacher was born on 21 September 1888 in Queensland. She married Francis Wilson on 15 May 1912 in Toowoomba, Queensland. She died on 17 June 1962 in Brisbane, Queensland.


5. John Charles Erbacher was born on 19 October 1890 in Toowoomba, Queensland. He died on 18 June 1946 in Drayton, Queensland.


6. Annie Christina Erbacher was born on 21 September 1892 in Queensland. She died on 18 March 1964 in Toowoomba, Queensland.


7. Mary Jane Erbacher was born on 04 September 1894 in Queensland. She died on 08 June 1904 in Queensland.


8. Johanna Jessie Erbacher was born in 1896 in Queensland.


9. Julia Mary Erbacher was born on 28 January 1899 in Queensland. She died on 08 June 1904 in Queensland.


10. Lily Agnes Erbacher was born on 11 Jan 1902 in Queensland. She married Carl Martin Pfingst on 16 Jun 1934 in Queensland. She died on 25 Dec 1997.


In May 1930, Peter and Mary celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.


Mary died on 11 Mar 1939 in Drayton, Queensland.


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Mary Erbacher (Diflo)
The Courier Mail
Saturday 25 March, 1939