Simon Parker's Music Composition Projects

Best Examples

Here are some of my better compositions...

I have started to perform some of the music, perhaps a part at a time on whatever instruments are handy. The results certainly sound better than the midi version from NoteFlight. Even if my playing is far from perfect.



I've recently started acquiring and reading the Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett. I thought that some of the characters and scenes in the book might make a cool subject for a composition project, so I started writing a few for fun.


This piece, I wrote to go with a little video I made.

Miscellaneous Stuff

The 30 Day Challenge

I was inspired to do something new for 30 days by a TED Talk by Matt Cutts. I decided to compose a tune each day for 30 days, each one based on a different emotion or feeling.

I found a list of emotions and feelings in an academic article that anayses such things, but I am getting the emotion I use each day from suggestions of my family and randomly selected from the list I have.

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