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Here's an index of articles appearing in the Australian Model Railway Magazine (AMRM) that relate to prototype information on VR rollingstock and operations.

At this stage the index covers articles appearing mostly between 1980 to 1990, and 2003 to 2010.

VR Locomotive Articles

Jun 1983, F Class Diesel
Feb 1984, Single-ended Diesels
Oct 1984, K Class Steam Locomotive
Apr 1985, H Class Steam Locomotive
Feb 1987, F Class Diesel
Dec 1990, T Class Diesel part 1
Feb 1991, T Class Diesel part 2
Dec 1999, A2 Steam Locomotive
Apr 2005, T Class Diesel

VR Passenger Rollingstock Articles

Oct 1984, Railcars Part B
Apr 1990, Under Live Wires - Pantograhs
Jun 1990, Under Live Wires - Pantograhs
Oct 1995, Red S Class Cars
Dec 1996, DERM Railmotors

VR Goods Rollingstock Articles

Apr 1977, FX Flour Hopper Wagon
Jan 1980, GY Open Wagon
Jun 1981, VR Freight Containers
Aug 1981, Horseboxes
Oct 1981, ELX Open Wagon
Feb 1982, Advertising on U Vans
Aug 1982, Chocolate Containers
Feb 1983, ESX Open Wagon
Apr 1983, Advertising on U Vans
Jun 1983, Z Brake Vans
Oct 1983, T Insulated Vans
Dec 1983, I Open Wagon Tally
Feb 1984, Advertising on U Vans
Apr 1984, SFX Bogie Flat Wagon
Dec 1984, VLX Louvre Van
Dec 1985, Advertising on U Vans
Jun 1986, IC Tippler Wagon
Jun 1988, Cement Wagons Part 2
Oct 1988, Lettering variations on VR Open Wagons
Apr 1996, VR 15' wheelbase T vans
Jun 1998, B Box Van
Aug 1998, B Box Van
Apr 1999, 10'6" Wheelbase U Louvre Vans
Jun 1999, U Louvred Vans
Apr 2000, U Louvred Vans
Jun 2003, I 'Shandy' Open Wagon
Apr 2006, HD Sand Wagons

VR Operations Articles

Dec 1986, More on the VR Circus Train
Apr 1989, Under Live Wires - Erecting the Overhead Wiring
Oct 1989, Proto track Standards on VR & SAR
Oct 1998, VR Wagon Lettering
Jun 2003, High Noon at Bendigo
Aug 2006, VLX Vans in NSW
Aug 2009, Concrete Pole Loads

David Baillie

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Updated 21 Nov 2010