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Greetings to new and old readers!

This website was created to share my experiences on how to build and detail rolling stock to represent service in the Victorian Railways (VR), particularily during the "Blue & Gold Era" of the mid-1970's.

Why choose the 1970's? Besides this being the time and place where I grew up, another compelling reason is the vast variety of rolling stock being run on the railways at this time. The VR was often described as a running museum during the 1970's because many of the wagons still running were built back in the early 1900's. The variety of old and new rolling stock in this period makes for some interesting modelling oppertunities.

My interest is kit-bashing and scratch-building of VR rollingstock, so this site is unashamedly biased towards my interest. Styrene is the material I mostly use and I model exculsively in HO scale (3.5mm to the foot).

Latest Updates

1 June 2015: VR 4 Wheel Goods Wagons
New set of notes on models of 4 wheel goods wagons from 1976.

17 Apr 2015: VR Locomotives
New set of notes on models of the VR locos from 1976.

26 Mar 2015: Unfortunately I will be in & out of hospital much of this year.
However, I am trying my best to keep this website open and adding new content!

Recently completed models from the workshop

CJ Bogie Cement Hopper
HD Loco Sand Hopper
L Loco Electric Locomotive

David Baillie

Updated 1 June 2015