TPG LeechOmeter is now used by over 10,000 users Australia wide!

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Latest version: 3.12
Latest 3.13 beta / alpha: 1

Due to a recent disaster, I have lost the working copy and backup of the LeechOmeter code. As such it seems unfair to accept further donations for a program which I can no longer fully support or update.

Currently all features should work for most users, however if TPG 'break' something
at their end, I am unable to fix it.

I will be offering a free licence for the latest version,
for as long as the software continues to work.

TPG LeechOmeter is a Windows utility designed primarily to monitor download usage for anyone on a TPG Internet plan. Usage information is updated automatically with data retrieved directly from TPG's webserver.
TPG LeechOmeter does not monitor usage for other internet providers.

TPG LeechOmeter can:

  • Display your peak usage
  • Display your off-peak usage
  • Display your VOIP usage
  • Display your total usage
  • Display your mobile usage
  • Display your home phone usage
  • Log you into your TPG webmail
  • Log you into your VOIP usage page
  • Check TPG system status
  • Works with multiple accounts!
  • And much much more!

When TPG LeechOmeter is running, an icon will appear in the notification area of the taskbar. This icon contains a number. This number displays how much of your download allowance you have remaining, or how much you've used. The colour of the number (as well as the main window's bars) indicates whether your current downloading rate is within the recommended rate. IE: If you continue at this rate will you be capped/shaped?

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