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Slava Grigoryan

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The following titles are currently available

Solo Guitar


Ten Coastal Sketches

Sonata in E major Homage to Rodrigo

Three Spanish Portraits (including the Homage to Albéniz)

Nocturnes Nos 1 and 2

Song of the White Cypress Pine

Solo Lute

Lute Suite

Lute and Voice

The Man Who Cut the Moon

Time to Fly


Lapis Lazuli concerto for guitar and orchestra

Ultramarine concerto for guitar and orchestra (in editorial stage)

Aquamarine concerto for guitar and orchestra (in editorial stage)

Frankenstein's Piano piano concerto

Symphony No 1 (Mutations)

Watching the Lights Go Out baritone and orchestra, art song

Road Trip to Mars


Chamber Concerto Music for Piano, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, French Horn and Guitar (soloist)

The Garden of Forking Paths Guitar Quintet

The Circular Ruins String Quartet

end point (guitar and oboe, guitar and cello, piano and oboe, piano and cello, guitar and bass clarinet)

Blue Yonder French Horn, tabla gongs, guitar

Down Celestial Avenue French Horn, gongs, two guitars

Lament guitar and French Horn, guitar and bass clarinet

Shearwater four guitars

Slow Road guitar ensemble/four guitars

Wachet Auf! arrangement of the Bach work for guitar ensemble

Pacific Rim Variations Mandolin Orchestra

Chamber - Two Guitars

Prayer Flags in Bright Wind (two guitars, standard guitar and baritone guitar, two guitars and string orchestra)

Two Swings in the Heart Shaped Garden


more titles will be available soon