Shane and Michelle Go Scuba Diving - Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia

Our most recent trip was of a nautical nature, scuba diving for the first time at Nelson Bay on the Central Coast of NSW just north of Newcastle. We had done the pool work and theory required for a diving licence the weekend before and, now we've done the real thing in Nelson Bay and also just off the coast in the South Pacific Ocean.

The whole weekend was fantastic. The only casualty being myself (not counting the 90% of us who suffered from severe sea-sickness, never have I seen so may people chuck at once, but the fish love it). As of today (Monday, 10 April) the doctor has informed me that I have sustained a "squeeze" injury to the ears, or some sort of decompression trauma. Yep, for the next few days I shall be partially deaf. The blocked ear feeling really loses it's novelty value after a day or two. Oh yeah, that's not counting the black eyes and the severely bloodshot eyes themselves (click here to see the photo Gerard took, eeurgh). That comes from not depressurising my face mask enough on ascent from the depths. The ear trauma comes from not equalising my ears properly on descent.

Apart from that, the whole experience was unreal, especially diving with sharks. More on that later.

Most of the photos have now been scanned. Click here to see the first page of photos.
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Thanks to the guys from Pro Dive Chatswood - Dive Masters Dave, Pat and Scotty.

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