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Antarctica Trip - December & January 2003/4

**** UPDATE September 2007 ****
Of course the trip happened in the Summer of 2003/4 and we do have pictures here. (Michelle has been mucking around with her site so some photos may have been temporarily removed)

We also have a stack of digital photos taken with my video camera in the slideshow below. Not as artistic as Michelle's but, hey, they're of Antarctica and Macquarie Island.

In December 2003 Shane and Michelle left sunny Sydney for chilly Antarctica. They ducked across the Tasman to New Zealand and from there boarded a Russian ice strengthened ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, and sailed south for the summer.

The current equivalent of the trip we went on would be Mawson's Antarctica and Commonwealth Bay with Aurora Expeditions.

Shane was looking forward to celebrating his birthday (17 December) at sea the day before they arrive at Commonwealth Bay. But as things turned out we arrived on the 17th and we were fortunate enough to sing "Happy Birthday" outside Mawson's Hut. They should have been at Cape Adare for Christmas but the extent of the sea ice meant we weren't able to get close enough to land so Santa came while we were at sea (still in the ice though). New Year's Day was at sea somewhere between Macquarie Island and the NZ sub Antarctic islands (Auckland Islands?) on the way back to New Zealand.



More details on the Akademik Shokalskiy from Heritage Expeditions (I think the ship went through a refit and has had a name change)
70 South - Antarctic News and Info
Australian Antarctic Division
Macquarie Island webcam
The weather at the Aussie Ice Stations

If you want to see whales you can see our whale swim video on YouTube from our recent trip to Tonga here.


Weather Banners for Various Antarctic Stations

Click for Macquarie Island, Australian Islands Forecast

Click for Dumont D'Urville, Antarctica Forecast

Click for Mawson 73 83S 55 67E, Antarctica Forecast


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