4 Clever Strategies To Improve Your Website Speed

In an Internet-enabled world where nearly every aspect of life and business is conducted through the web, website speed can make a huge difference to the success of companies. People are busy and are always looking for convenience, which means that they want to spend less time looking for things online. Everyone wants shorter load time while longer load speeds could result in traffic loss.

Why Is Website Speed So Important?

People expect to find information on the web in a matter of seconds, and if you compromise on load time, they are simply going to move on to someone else with quicker load speeds and easier access to information. And website speed has a direct impact on your SEO rankings and bounce rate. Here are some clever strategies to improve your website speed:

Pay Attention To The Technical Aspects Of Improving Load Speeds

Load speeds are supremely important for SEO, so you cannot afford to overlook them in favour of other elements. Here are some technical pointers to follow to make your webpage faster:

The technical aspects are extremely important when it comes to improving page load times, so use them in conjunction with other elements.

Think Of How You Can Optimise Images On Your Website

The visual medium has a powerful impact on the way users perceive a product or service. But heavy images can significantly reduce the load time of a web page if you’re not careful. Here are some ways to better use images on your website:


Make Sure You Have Caching Enabled

You’ll always want to have caching enabled on your server as it can increase the load speed of your website to give users a better experience when they re-visit your website. What is caching? Caching is the storage of static files like media files, CSS files, JavaScript files, HTML documents and images for easier and faster access. Why enable caching for repeat visitors?

Depending on your website platform, you have different ways to enable browser caching. You may also be able to enable server-level caching which you can work with your web developer to do.

Work On Your Website Design

Keeping your website design simple and with less components will help it load much faster.   This is because less HTTP requests are sent to load the website. Here’s what good website design can offer you:

Having a fast-loading website is more critical than ever before. People want websites to be fast for added convenience and enhanced browsing experiences. Failure to pay attention to load speeds could result in you losing out on web traffic and ultimately revenue. Combining these tactics will help you make a big difference to your website speed.