For Tomb Raider custom level fans


My custom levels

1. Burn the Midnight Oil

Single level

2. Alternative Pyramid Hypothesis

 Single level

3. bERT's World

Single level 

4. Legend of the Golden Scorpion

Custom adventure (6 levels + cutscene)

By EssGee and MiniGee

5. Lara at the Movies – Star Wars Episode 1

Part of a collaboration with 12 other builders from around the world

Three levels

6. Evil Knows No Boundaries

Twin levels

7. Jungle Ruins 3

A collaboration with George Maciver and Raider X

5 levels  (level design by George and Todd, objects and credits sequence by EssGee)

8. Star Wars Episode 1 – Director’s Cut

4 levels + 2 cutsequences

An extended version of the Star Wars adventure containing 1 new playable level and 2 added cutscenes

9. Coyote Creek

A complete adventure. This level series is a collaboration by The Team (George Maciver, Raider X, EssGee, Cowboy, Dhama, Titak and Bojrkraider). It contains 9 playable levels, numerous cutscenes, plus a title level and end credits. It contains many new objects, puzzles, animations, vehicles and enemies, and has some features never previously seen in a custom TR level.

10. Pleasure Palace

A satirical look into forum life at Lara's Home.

11. Beyond The Scion

A complete adventure that provides an alternative ending to the storyline of Tomb Raider 1 . 7 playable levels + 4 cutscenes.



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