When the Church Loses its Way

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Worship becomes preliminaries... something that simply "fills in time".

Fellowship becomes turning to the person behind you and saying "God loves you and I love you too."

Bible teaching and preaching becomes entertainment.

Family management sells out to business management... In the business management model Pastors are seen as C.E.O.s ... In the family management model Pastors are seen as shepherds.

Truth gives way to pragmatism... Pragmatism leads to relativism and a situational ethic.

Evangelism becomes promotion.

Body ministry is seen as too amateurish... using the gifts of people within the local church often takes second place to bringing in professionals from outside that church.

A meeting place becomes a sacred site.

A pastor becomes the priest.

Means of grace become works for salvation.

Caring for one another becomes psycho therapy.

The advantages of smallness are sacrificed on the alter of mega mania.

Integrity based values give way to charisma based values.

Being is overtaken by doing.

Passion for God sells out to passion for experience.

God's purposes become easily manageable mission statements.

What is supposed to be implicit in the life of the church becomes a plaque in the foyer.

Kingdom priorities give way to running the church.

Unity in Christ gives way to a sense of competitiveness.

Reliance upon God sells out to reliance upon the latest technique "...you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead ([Revelation] 3:1)."


Used by Permission. Extracts from "When the Church Loses its Way..." by Rev. Dr. David Wilson, Kingsley College, Melbourne, Australia, September 1995.

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