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A.W. Tozer "It is time for the prophet and the seer to make themselves heard and felt again. For the last three decades, timidity disguised as humility has crouched in her corner while the spiritual quality of evangelistic Christianity has become progressively worse by the year. How long, O Lord, how long?" - The Best of A.W. Tozer, Kingsway Publications, 1978, p. 42.

Billy Graham "We have been concerned that the gospel message in many places is being diluted. There needs to be a new emphasis, especially in seminaries and Bible schools, on what the Gospel is... A new generation is coming on rapidly, with an increasing secularism and worldliness on a scale that is frightening." - Billy Graham Evangelistic Association newsletter, October 1998, p. 3.

Rebecca Pippert "The enemy of our age is our desire to be tolerant and open minded. But the problem with being too open minded is that our brains fall out." - Out of the Saltshaker, p. 90.

Dr. Ralph Earle "There are three stages in the life of every religious organization. First it is a movement, vibrant and vigorous, active and aggressive. Then it becomes an institution with 'more harness than horse'. Finally its vitality disappears and it becomes a museum, where the bones of ancient leaders are put on display." - Beacon Bible Commentary Vol. 6 Matthew, Kansas City, Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, 1964, p. 212, 213.

Harold Ivan Smith "God does not call us to be successful - but obedient! How strange that sounds in the age of positive thinking and the theology of success." - Herald of Holiness, Kansas City, Nazarene Publishing House, June 15, 1982, p. 8, 9.

Pastor William L. Banks ..."Compromise is Dangerous You remember the story of the hunter and the bear. As the hunter raised his rifle to shoot a great big grizzly bear, the bear called out, 'Can't we talk this over like two sober, intelligent beings?'
The hunter lowered his gun and said, 'What's to talk over?'
'Well, for instance,' said the bear, coming closer, 'what do you want to shoot me for?'
'Simple,' grunted the hunter, 'I want a fur coat.'
'Well, all I want is a good breakfast,' said the bear. 'I'm sure we can sit down and sensibly work this out.' So they sat down to work out an agreement. After a while the bear got up all alone. They had reached a compromise: the bear had his breakfast, and the hunter now had on a fur coat." - Daily Manna, Moody Press, 1981, September 10.

Bruce Hartin If Satan reminds you of your past - you should remind him of his future. - End Times News, May 1992, p. 3.

Rev. Charles Higgins Jesus did not come to mend my sinful nature, rather He came to end my sinful nature. - 1988.

Bob Stokes The heresy of Antinomianism [Antilawfulness] says 'once in grace always in grace, no matter how disgracefully you behave.' - Gems of Grace, KTWR, 1990.

Bishop Myron Boyd Just as the fluid in the eye keeps the dirt out of the eyes, so the constant cleansing presence of the Holy Spirit will keep the filth of the world out of the cleansed heart. - Herald of Holiness, 15 May 1985, p. 13.

Rev. L. Enderby Some people want to use the blood of Christ, like correction fluid to cover their sins. "...Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not! ..." (Romans 6:1-2 NKJV).

Edmund P. Clowney If a Christian is convinced that nothing that he does can please God he is denying the power of God's grace and cutting the nerve of holiness - his desire in love to delight his Saviour. - Christian Meditation, 1978, p. 32.

Rev. L. Enderby The heart of the Christian gospel is holiness experienced here and now.

Rev. Doyle Smith "His person, his principles and his preaching identified him as the one who came in the spirit and power of Elijah. He denounced sin, and demanded true repentance, total renunciation, and thorough restitution. There was nothing cloudy or compromising in the preaching of this man sent from God whose name was John [the Baptist]." - Come Ye Apart, 7 March 1989, p. 13.

Mrs. Margaret Thatcher (former British Prime Minister) "If you try to take the fruits of Christianity without its roots, the fruits will wither. And they will not come again unless you nurture the roots."
"When Christians meet, as Christians, to take counsel together, their purpose is not - or should not be - to ascertain what is the mind of the majority but what is the mind of the Holy Spirit - something which may be quite different." - Impact, December 1989, p. 12,13.

Rev. L. Enderby "Moderation" in drinking alcohol is the name of the devil's trap, to enslave you.

Church Growth

Ira M. Taylor In church life today the advocates of homogeneous church-growth principles such as, "People feel comfortable with people like themselves," lends itself to the continuing separation of believers along the lines of race and class, and certainly this does not foster the spiritual exercise of selflessness and the expression of unconditional love that it takes to bring about togetherness and harmony. - Wesleyan Advocate, March 1998, p. 13.

Hidden Sin

Rev. L. Enderby Hidden sin is like nails, which were concealed within a tree in our back yard. The nails had been there for years since somebody had left them nailed there. The tree had grown over the nails. But when the tree was felled and later split for firewood, the nails were exposed! The light of the Holy Spirit exposes hidden sin in the heart, and the blood of the Lord Jesus is able to cleanse from all unrighteousness.

Life's Choice

John Oxenholme
To every one there's a high road,
To every one there's a low,
And every one must decide for himself,
Which way his soul shall go.
The high soul takes the high road,
The low soul takes the low
While in between, on the misty flats,
The rest just come, and go.

Stewards Handling the Lord's Money

Richard Simpson Anderson This is Christ's money, laboriously collected, contributed with prayer, given in the spirit of Jesus Christ to evangelize the world... sacred funds, every cent of it. It should be spent very conscientiously with a deep sense of responsibility not only to the church but to the divine Bookkeeper who will one day open the books and audit our accounts. Never allow yourself to fall into the wicked error of growing reckless in expenditure because 'the board pays for it.' The board pays for nothing. It is the church that does it and that with consecrated funds as holy as if entrusted by the wounded hand of the Master himself. - Richard Simpson Anderson, NWMS, 1990, p. 54.

F. B. Meyer "The spirit of the gospel is in absolute disagreement with the spirit of the world." - F. B. Meyer Bible Commentary, on 2 Tim. 3:10-17, p. 587.

Unknown "A person who sows seeds of kindness enjoys a perpetual harvest."

John Smith Authentic Christianity
"If people reject the claims of Jesus Christ, then I want to be sure that it's the Jesus Christ of Nazareth of the Scriptures that they're rejecting - and not a travesty of that. If they reject Him, then I can only weep at their lost estate.
What I'm concerned about is that Australians have never been given a fair go with the Gospel and had it explained to them in terms and images that they can understand." - John Smith of Melbourne's God Squad Motor Cycle Club.

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