A Hymn of Devotion

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If lesser things, O Lord, have dimmed the vision
And dross has hid somewhat the gold's bright gleam,
If in my heart an alien love has risen
And close communion with Thee is but a dream,
Then, lead me to that lone and rugged hillside
The scene of such deep agony and shame.
There let me see the meaning, Lord, of Calvary,
And view the radiant splendour of Thy matchless name.

Emmanuel - yet still Thou art rejected.
By worldly throngs Thy claims are yet decried.
"Ancient of days," "begotten of the Father,"
Those claims refused through ignorance and pride.
Vast mystery of God, the Son incarnate,
God's evidence of His great love for man.
Lord, have I read the fullness of the message?
Or do I, with a surging crowd, that idly stands.
The curse, the stain, result of man's wrong doing,
Imprinted red upon the sands of time.

Yet Jesus came in love and great humility,
Out of ivory palaces sublime.
Oh, wondrous Christ! The promised one, in Eden,
Thou canst restore the loveliness divine.
Begin, O Lord, in me, Thy new creation
And make the glory of Thine image shine.


By W. H. Hardwick
Tune: Londonderry Air.

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