Who is Jesus anyway?

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Jesus is my friend

What do you say to introduce a friend to someone? First you would say, "I want you to meet my friend..." Then you would say your friend's name.

I want you to meet my friend, Jesus.

Jesus is God

(See John 1:1-4.)

When you introduce a friend, you say where your friend is from. Where is Jesus from? My friend Jesus is from Heaven.

John was one of Jesus' disciples. This means he was a special worker with Jesus. John introduced Jesus to us. John said Jesus was in the beginning with God. Everything that was made was made through Jesus. Jesus always was and always will be. The Bible tells us many times that God is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is Man

(See John 6:46-47.)

Jesus said, "I and My Father are one" (John 10:30).

Jesus is my Saviour

(See John 3:16.)

Jesus grew up just like you and me. He did jobs around the house and learned things. He even learned from Joseph how to be a carpenter, and he helped him with that job until He was a man. He knew what it was like to be happy, sad, excited, afraid, and all the things we experience. So, we know that Jesus understands us.

But the most important reason Jesus came into the world was to die on the cross. He took the punishment we deserve because we have sinned. That means we have had bad thoughts, or done or said bad things. God hates sin and sin has to be punished. We deserve to die for those bad things. But God loves us. So He sent Jesus to die in our place so that we don't have to die for those bad things.

Jesus died for us! But, to have His forgiveness for sin, He said we have to accept by faith His death for our own sins. He doesn't force us to love Him. He wants us to love Him because we want to! And, He is so wonderful, why wouldn't we want to love Him?

Did you know that Jesus didn't stay dead? He came alive three days after He died on the cross. He is still alive and He wants to live in our lives! He wants to make us happy inside. He wants us to have everlasting life with Him - life that goes on and on forever with Him in Heaven when we die!

Jesus is my Saviour. I hope He is your Saviour, too. The Christmas Carol "Joy to the World" says, "Let every heart prepare Him room." Do you have room in your heart for Jesus?

Jesus is coming back!

(See John 14:1-3.)

After Jesus died on the cross and came alive from the dead He had some more days together with His special workers (called Disciples). He told them lots of things. Then, one day He went back to Heaven.

But He gave a special promise to them and to us. (See John 14.) He said He would prepare a place for us. That means He is getting everything ready for us to stay with Him forever in Heaven. Then when He is ready, He will come back and take us to be with Him forever and ever.

Jesus is coming back! The Bible tells us about things that will happen before He comes back. Lots of those things have happened and some are happening now. Jesus said to be ready because we don't know what day He will come back.

We might die before He comes back and we can go straight to be with Him in Heaven if we have asked Him to forgive us of our sins and are living right lives for Him. Or we might be alive when He comes back and not even have to die! We might be with those who will go right up to Heaven with Him.

Are you ready?

The most important thing for us to do is to be ready all the time to go to be with Him. He is coming soon. Are you ready?

Jesus is my friend, Jesus is God, Jesus is Man, Jesus is My Saviour, and Jesus is Coming Back.

I've introduced my friend Jesus to you. I hope you will pray (talk to Him) and get to know Him, too. I hope you will ask Him to be your Saviour, too. And I hope you will go to be with Him in Heaven one day. You will like my friend. He is wonderful.


Unless otherwise stated, all Bible quotations are from the New King James Version.

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