The Sling on the Wall

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A legal matter of great importance had arisen
and a lawyer I had to see.
John D. Davidson, a man of integrity was recommended to me.
A high rise building on the corner of Lost and Found Street
is where his office is, 7th floor, office 3.
As the matter was urgent, I wasted no time in trying to see
this man of integrity.
An appointment was made, and soon I was in the presence of this great man:
a middle-aged gentleman, give or take a year or two,
with the warmest of smiles and glowing face.
I knew my business was safe with him.
There was a sense of peace and strength about the man.
The office decor and furnishings spoke of wealth,
not in the least overdone: a few paintings here and there.
But, an object on the wall caught my eye.
How strange, most unusual: at least, I thought.

Business transaction completed, He followed the focus of my eyes.
"Oh, yes," he said, with that lovely smile, "that means a lot to me."
He told me then how he had come by it many years ago.
"A lady with an angel face, picked me up out of the streets, and with my filthy clothes and smelly body, took me home to tea.
She talked of a man called Jesus, and His love for people like me. 'He could change my life completely, if only I would let Him,' she said to me. And that sounded good to me. Before I had left this lady's home, I was down on my knees.
'I'll give this Jesus a go, ' I thought. 'What have I to loose?'
The lady with the angel face showed love and kindness I had never known before. We prayed, laughed and cried together, and before I left her home, I had clean clothes and a clean heart.
I got a job cleaning offices, and I studied law and now I own the office.
I knew what I wanted to do. I would like to help people as she helped me. And before I left her home, she handed me that sling, hanging on the wall. 'John D. Davidson,' she said, ' you will do well in your profession. But you will face Goliath problems in your life. And when you do, look at that sling and say, as another young man called David, did many years ago, when he went out to battle against a Goliath.
He said, 'the battle is not mine. It is the Lord's.'
And, I have lived my life, and run my business doing just that. I pray, He leads and guides; I follow. And the Goliath problems I just hand over to Him. The battle is not mine; it is the Lord's."


Used by permission
Written by Elaine Weston (from Sarina)

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