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A bit of personal information
Robert Dickson So you want to know about me eh? Well you've got this far so it is the least I can do! Well for starters if you want to see a bit more of me click on the picture to download the complete image (140KB). Ok ... Here we go with the details ...
Age - Born 1954
Height - 180cm (5'11")
Weight - 70kg (155lb)
Not Married
No kids
I live in Melbourne, Australia.
Goon Show
I have a separate web page about the Goon Show.
It gets many more visits than this page does. It's a bit of a worry, a 50's radio comedy show that is more popular than me!
If you're interested to find out more about the Goons click here to go to my Goon Show page.
I'm a member at Victory Park Tennis Club, you can get there by walking through the park at the end of Charlton Street off Brewer Road in Bentleigh, Melbourne Australia.
There are four en-tout-cas courts and the club fields teams in a number of week day and weekend competitions.
Click here to go to the Victory Park Tennis Club Home page.

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