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The research for suitable images was quite difficult at that time. I was limited to what was available in the State Library of South Australia Photographic Archives, in books on Australia's involvement in WW I, and what images the State Branch of the RSL had on hand. Most of the photographs were faded (sepia), old and tattered. I needed an image with a crisp contrast. I tried using a printing house to provide me with black and white tone dropout images but they weren't very successful and I needed to control the process. I remember spending a whole day and a half in the old Experimental Art Foundation's un air conditioned repromaster room trying to get some good images to collage together.

Night - facing east - Keswick Barracks end of Highway

The Rising Sun image was obligatory and I could find litttle that could describe the Australia / New Zealand relationship so I decided on the image of maps of the two countries - a little bland but sometimes the symbol of a map is a reminder of our wide brown land and grounds us in our part of the world - the images are not in scale with each other or not in accurate reference to each other. I found a great image of 3 diggers leaning against a field gun - a Furphy Water cart would have been good - but I had no luck with that. Finally in desparation for the fourth panel I turned too images that my own family had and came across several good ones of both of my grandfathers who both fought in the conflict - John Harold Falconer of the 18th Battalion and John Campbell Noakes of the 4th Battalion 1st AIF. The photos were in good nick and had excellent contrast.So I collaged them together with an image of an Australian Nurse I had found in a Library book.

Both these men like a lot of other Anzac's wrote about their experiences in this war. Please CLICK on their names to access their journals and diaries.


Sgt. John Falconer - Anzac - Roger Noakes

Portrait of John Harold Falconer

Sgt. J H Falconer's journal at 30 pages is provided in two formatsis provided in two formats a Web Browser .htm file at 416kb and a Microsoftword .doc at 352kb.

john noakes anzac - roger noakes
Portrait of Lt John Campbell Noakes

Lt. J C Noakes' journal at 56 pages is provided in two formats a Web Browser .htm file at 456kb and a Microsoftword .doc at 352kb.

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