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froebelus rivit

“Kiss that Frog” — Peter Gabriel

As it turns out, I really only occupy a small corner of the flat - one small room reserved as an office - where I have my desk diagonally across one corner and my computer and music, pen and paper,  and books within reach. The ideal spot from where to launch this sort of work.

Here I outline a few things that were my career (isn't that a lovely word to describe a path though a work-life) and explore my interests in graphics, games,  programming,  algorithms, mathematics (and their combinations) and music. I also share my thoughts on my longest study, that of Astrology. 

I'm quite a private person, so the fact that I'm here is an achievement. This is the most public way (in terms of reach) I have presented to date, and something I've really wanted to do since '94 when I first ventured onto the (then very thin and slow) Internet using a browser called Mosaic on my Amiga.

The push to complete this goal came as the consequence of being made redundant after 20 years at the same company. It gave me a unique opportunity to reassess and redirect my life at an age where I could understand where I had been and what was still possible. I had lots of time on my hands.

Since then I have divorced, moved house a few times and settled into a relatively hermetical way of life with plenty of time to explore topics of interest to me. As I am now essentially retired, and work on a freelance basis, as you look about this site you will see that I have built up several skills over the years that have proved to be useful when creating this site and its contents.

Feel free to contact (email) me here when you have an interest in me or my works. Who knows where that might lead?